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JAYZ DANCE COMPANY is proud to be an official location of Australia's leading pre-school program 'READY SET DANCE' in Pialligo ACT. 

Targeted at ages two to five years old and designed to appeal to both boys and girls, this 1 hour, multi award winning preschool program promotes the 3 C's - Confidence, Coordination and Creativity. Allowing children to dance, sing and express themselves while most importantly... having FUN. 

Classes are specifically designed to introduce basic dancing skills in Jazz, Hip hop, Singing and Tap and extend beyond dance to develop children's coordination, rhythm skills, social skills and musicality.  

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READY SET BALLET is a 30 minute continuation of the popular READY SET DANCE programme.


Twirl will lead our little ballerinas through each step of the class as they learn the fundamentals of ballet. Music created specifically to inspire pre-school aged children and the lesson filled with friends, feathers and fun. Make the fist step into the world of ballet magic!

Ready Set dance is and innovative program designed specifically to introduce young children to the world of dance. In each class teachers explore aspects of the Ready Set Dance curriculum through playful approaches which are responsive to the curiosity and imagination of young learners. The children respond with active and joyful engagement and participation that enables them to practice and refine the skills and capacities needed for dance. At the same time the children are extended across the various developmental domains of physical, cognitive, language and social development and use learning processes such as attending, remembering and problem solving. Through regular and sustained participation in Ready Set Dance classes children develop positive dispositions to learning such as enthusiasm, independence, concentration, persistence, co-operation and the three C’s of confidence, coordination, and creativity. Ready Set Dance offers much to support the play and learning of young children in Australia and beyond.

Dr. Cathie Harrison
EdD, M.Ed, B.Ed(EC)
Early Childhood and Gifted Education Consultant

READY SET ACRO is a collaborative acrobatic program developed with Industry Leader Acrobatic Arts, specifically designed for preschoolers. It emphasises safe and effective progressions to foster the physical and social skills needed for healthy early childhood development.

The program is developed with original music with lyric cues and focuses on three key components: Stretch, Strength, and Skills.

STRETCH: Enhance flexibility and expand the range of motion in all major muscle groups.

STRENGTH: Young learners engage in a variety of exercises designed to promote physical strength and control.

SKILLS: Preschoolers develop social literacy and build confidence while exploring a wide range of AcroDance movements.

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