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Jayz Dance Company provides professional dance training in all genres.


We pride ourselves on having the best teachers who are passionate and will share their passion & knowledge with with our students. All classes are provided in a supportive and enjoyable environment. We are here for the children's dance journey, to guide them, to encourage them and for memories to be made. 

When joining Jayz, you are not just joining a dance studio you are joining a family, a community. 

If you wish to join the JAYZ FAMILY contact us today to book in your free trial!



JFH combines Urban & Jazz influences to create its own dynamic style. Suitable for beginners all the way through to advanced, JFH is an ideal class to develop your style and technique. Our JFH classes are inspiring, fun, technique based, include core strength & flexibility plus the latest combinations in commercial style JFH. 


Tap dancing is one of the oldest and most famous styles of dance. While being the most rhythmic of dance forms, Tap develops children's sense of timing. At Jayz students are taught the GWT Tap Syllabus. This syllabus teaches students a smooth and engaging style of tap dance.



Ballet teaches children the fundamentals to all styles of dance. Students are taught the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) classical ballet syllabus which requires discipline, strength, balance, grace and stage presence. The syllabus engages children through creative exercises that are inclusive and enjoyable for all children. 


Our boys Hip Hop class is focused on fun, confidence building and expression while developing rhythm, gross motor skills and music connection. Children learn a variety of different hip hop styles while learning the latest tricks, grooves & moves.


Our Acrobatics classes allows the students the opportunity to train and master skills at their own pace. Mentored and overseen by our expert faculty, students will be guided through a variety of exercises, drills, skills, and combinations that are appropriate to their age and abilities. Cartwheels and forward rolls to aerials, strength and conditioning to complement students dance training.

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